Below are a list of links related to some of the talented and amazing artists who who worked on this film. You can also find further links to locations, people,and other general information related to supporting the production of this film.


Liz Rosenfeld ( Director):

Sam Icklow ( Cinematographer):

Imogen Heath ( Assistant Cinematographer):

Brendan Flynt ( Gaffer):

Christa Holka ( Head Art Department/ Production Stills):

Finn Ballard ( Production Stills):

Sui Zhen ( Sound Artist):,

Andras Fox ( Sound Artsit):

Richard Hancock ( Anita Berber) :,

Katharina Klewinghaus ( Mean Lesbian #1) :

Sarah- Jane Norman ( Mean Lesbian #2):

Sarah Goody ( Waitress):

The Kamikaze Queens ( Club Band):

Christiane Stephan ( Club Patron):

Elliat Graney- Saucke ( Club Patron):

IF ( Club Patron):

Further Links:

Lavender Wolf:,

Silver Future:

Barbie Dienhoffs:

Liad Hussein Kantorowicz:

Mad Kate:

Tim Stüttgen:


Moto Distrobution:





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