Katharina Klewinghaus

Mean Lesbian #1

Katharina Klewinghaus’ first contact with the creative domain was with the first dancing lesson she took at the age of three, subsequently entering the dance academy ‘Folkwang Hochschule’ in Essen/Germany.

Developing an increasing interest in film, she decided to move to London in order to take up a degree in film. In 2002 she graduated at Middlesex University in BA Film Studies (First Class Honours) and received a Master in Television & Video Production (Merit) from the Bournemouth Media School in 2004.

To date she has worked for film, television and other industries in different roles, such as director, writer, producer, camera, editor and actress.

The documentary “Science of Horror” was her first feature length work as writer and director, a Totho Production, which had its national theatrical release on August 5th 2008 and which became critically acclaimed.

Katharina is currently in pre-production of her next feature length film. In addition she is involved in different projects within the film and art world. Since 2005 she has been living and working in Berlin.


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