Richard Hancock

Anita Berber

Richard Hancock is an artist and choreographer (born: UK, 1977) currently based in Berlin. His work is driven by a practice of explicitly embodied image-making, dealing with issues of cultural and material presence, identity, and language. Inter-disciplinary and research-led, his work includes live performance, video, drawing, photography and text.

Richard Hancock trained at the Nottingham Trent University School of Art & Design, graduating with first-class honours in 2002. In 2005 he was awarded a Masters degree with distinction in Critical Theory: The Body & Representation, from the University of Reading. In 2007 he left the UK and relocated to San Francisco, before moving to Berlin in 2009.

Since 2002, he has collaborated with British artist Traci Kelly on the project hancock & kelly live. Collectively exploring questions of collaboration, identity, and inter-subjectivity, the resulting works have been a series of visceral and queer encounters, both moving and spectacular.

He has performed, exhibited, facilitated workshops, and given talks internationally across contexts of dance, visual arts, and performance in Australia, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Portugal, and the UK.


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