Sarah Goody


Sarah Goody is a Canadian-born, European-based Artist working in the field of contemporary performing arts. She calls Berlin home. She has worked in a diverse range of fields over the last 16 years – she is a professionally trained Pastry Chef, Yoga Teacher and Acrobat, a practiced musician, stilt-walker and martial artist — but focuses these days almost exclusively on her main obsessions: aerial acrobatics, (interactive) theater and dance.

Sarah is a freelance performer (solo and collaborative) and founding member of 3 companies: Was Euch Fehlt (which won the first place Jury prize in 100Grad Berlin 2009), Sailing Theater for Future Visions (subsidized by Jungen für Europa and Aktion Mensch) and Hinojo and his Dancer (with collaborator Daniel Hinojo).

Sarah has a number of works completed and staged as a soloist. These include longer works such as I Love You Eddie, a 22 minute aerial acrobatic, puppetry and bollywood dance performance, to shorter cabaret numbers such as the 5 minute Single Lady. She has done a large number of site-specific pieces over the last years, both indoors and outdoors.  Two new solos are currently under production: Cosmonaut, a shadow-piece performed on the cloud-swing, and I am a cliché, I am, an outdoor, site-specific vertical tissu performance/installation.

Currently, Sarah is exploring the media forms of photography, video and television in order to expand and experiment with her current repertoire. She can be seen hosting the upcoming television series “The Powers of Art” on Alex TV and is in collaboration with both video artists and photographers so that together they may challenge and grow in their respective disciplines.

She has collaborated with, worked for and drawn inspiration from a number of fantastic directors, teachers, performers and theatre companies over the years, but considers her work and style to be, on the whole, self-taught. She defines herself as both a performer and a fool, two characteristics that have brought her closer to the heart of the stage and into the hearts of her audience.

Videos and photos of Sarah’s work can be seen on her webpage:

For further information and booking:

Tel: 0049 (0)176 2911 4785


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