Christa Holka

Art Department Head/ Set Photographer

Christa Holka is an American photographer who lives and works in London. Christa’s work mainly uses photography and sometimes video to deal with issues of documenting and archiving the queer communities in which she exists.

Christa works predominantly as a freelance photographer documenting live art/artists and art events as well as in editorial photography. She also is a stills photographer for film and television and occasionally works as a photographer’s assistant for fashion editorials as well as works in set design and art direction for fashion and film.

Christa received an MA in Fine Art from Central St. Martins College of Art & Design in 2008. In 2003, she completed a BFA in Photography at Columbia College in Chicago. She also holds a BA in Literature from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Christa has exhibited her work in galleries in the U.S. (Chicago, Ohio, Oregon), London and Berlin. Her work was also recently featured in the column, “Inside the Artist’s Studio”, within PBS’s Art:21 blog (Art in the 21st Century).

Christa co-curates “I’m with you” (, a quarterly live art event in her garden in London. She is also currently co-curating an exhibition to take place in London in the fall of 2010.


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